I’ve joined GuruShots

If you’re at all interested in photography, GuruShots.com is well worth investigating.

It’s described as an online photography ‘game’ where each month a series of challenges based on themes, for example ‘Phenomenal Seascapes’, are set. As a game, there are obviously tactics in play and I’ll need to try a few challenges to see how votes can be maximised to boost rankings and #GuruShots points.

It’s free to join and you do need to be a member to enter challenges and other members vote on images. Although the number of votes required per rank change per challenge, the ranking order is as follows (high to low):

  1. All Star
  2. Elite
  3. Premier
  4. Skilled
  5. Popular
  6. Not Ranked (yes, I guess this is a rank really but …. )

For most challenges you can enter 4 photographs and you can earn or buy ‘swaps’ to increase votes – testing different images in challenges may be beneficial for other challenges where the same image can be entered.

Anyways, some of the images uploaded are absolutely incredible – very impressive.

In due course, I’ll enter some of the challenges (as a newbie!) and it’ll be a great way to push myself to work harder at photography.

For anyone interested, my profile page is:


[March 2018]



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