Lens Flares & Sunspots

So, I’ve entered the ‘Lens Flares & Sunspots’ GuruShots Challenge today. Although four images can be submitted per challenge, I’ve only submitted the image below. I simply don’t have a decent bank of high res images to upload to #GuruShots as yet.

Lens flares and sunspots can add a lot of drama to an image and are essentially caused by pointing your camera towards the sun.

The image below was taken on an iPhone 6 which was tilted slightly towards the sun and the result is a little lens flare to lighten up the foreground (bottom left). The location is Mornington, County Meath Ireland in the summer of 2017.

Once the challenge is closed, I’ll update this post with the result. #GuruShots


Mornington at Sunset

Update: happy with the results of this challenge especially given the subtly of the lens flare on the image. I ranked 134 with 116 with 243 views. Not bad – a ‘popular’ ranking.

The Drogheda Port is currently in the process of selling this land. I’m really hoping that if sold, it’s not to a developer but to an organisation that will preserve the natural beauty that so many local residents (human and animal) enjoy. I am looking forward to taking more photographs of this wonderful little stretch of the Meath coastline when the weekend weather improves.

[March 2018]

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