Captivating Clouds

Wow – some of the images on the GuruShots challenges are phenomenal. I could spend hours browsing the site and looking at the photographs. It’s a great site to view and analyse images you like and take inspiration and composition notes for your own images going forward.

I am nowhere near the level of these professionals and/or very skilled amateurs yet – of course! ;-)  – and need to build a bank of images that I can use for various challenges (as well as for my website (not great at present but testing at the mo).

Anyways, I noticed another GuruShots challenge entitled ‘Captivating Clouds’ and had an image I took back in 2014 of a view from the South Bank in London, United Kingdom (shown below) which I thought might be a decent submission. Again, I’ve only one image to submit – you can submit up to four per challenge.

When I uploaded the image, there were only 6 hours to go until the challenge ended. I am looking forward to seeing how this image gets on and I’ll update this post with the results later. #GuruShots

London South Bank 2014 April CT

View from the South Bank in London, United Kingdom

Update: of the 313 views , the image was given 225 votes and I achieved a Popular ranking for the photograph. Happy Cath. :-)

[March 2018]

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