Newbie of the Month

I’m hoping that I will be moved from the #GuruShots Newbie level to Rookie when my next few challenges come to a close. So in order to qualify for a’Newbie of the Month’ challenge, I had to be quick.

I submitted the following images earlier today (5 April 2018) – from left to right:

  • Three Rowing Boats on the River Boyne
  • Fishing Boats on the River Boyne at Dusk
  • Mornington at Sunset
  • Stormy Clouds over the River Boyne

Newbie of the Month April 2018

This challenge ends in 12 days time – I suspect, I’d have been better submitted images from the very beginning to maximize potential votes but it’ll be interesting to see how these images (two to the left, brand new) get on. As ever, an update will be posted when the challenge ends.

Update: The challenge has just ended. In terms of voting numbers ,  I received the following number of votes (from left to right as above): 16, 14, 42 & 17 resulting in a grand total of 89 votes putting me firmly in the Premier category. I’m happy with this result: to anyone reading this you may have voted for any of my images, thank you! To put into context, Premier was the most populous category of this challenge with the following number of members in the categories below:

  • All Star = 57
  • Elite = 9366
  • Premier = 26814
  • Skilled = 11, 034
  • Popular = 5117

Some of the Newbies in the All Star category are clearly not new to photography. Their images are fantastic. It’s is actually a very clever tactic to wait and submit stonking images to finish near the top of the Challenge in order to increase changes of moving up to the higher levels at a later date. Good on them – playing the game tactically! :-)

[April 2018]

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