Simply Orange

I’ve not been feeling very well for the last few days – an extra special cough and respiratory infection has left me confined to barracks. Ive been looking through some of the latest #GuruShots challenges and they don’t particularly inspire. However, there is one challenge which I’ve been able to dig out a few relevant images to submit and it’s called, as the title clearly states, ‘Simply Orange’.

There are 7 days left before the challenge ends. As ever, the quality and skill displayed in the top photos is incredible. There some extraordinarily beautiful photographs of flowers in particular – well worth a peruse.

The images I’ve submitted are as follows – from left to right:

  • My fireglow Duesenberg Double Cat guitar (I also submitted this image in the ‘Musical Instruments’ challenge)
  • A Tiger
  • A snapshot of my commute one early morning in January 2018
  • Koi Carp

Something Orange

None of the images above will rival those in the top half of the challenge but I should hopefully gain a few more Guru points! :-)

These are the widest range of subjects I think I’ve submitted so far in any one challenge and for that reason, I’m going to be really interested to see which type of image is the most popular. I don’t think I’ll have any images to swap out for this one so the next point (in 7 days or so) will be the results! I’ve gained a few more votes since I took the above screen shot and have reached the Popular level – I’m not going to be close to Elite / Premier but I’ll keep voting to maximize my exposure and just wait and see what happens.

#Duesenberg #DoubleCat #Tiger # Mornington #Sunrise #KoiCarp #Orange

Update: So, I’ve found some relevant images for swaps! Seems like a lot of places I’ve visited actually have orange coloured dirt tracks so in many ways, I was spoiled for choice. The two images I swapped out were the tiger (which I do like but the quality wasn’t great) and the sunrise photograph taken during my morning commute. The images I’ve uploaded as (on left) a dirt track at Lake Tonle Sap, near Siem Reap, Cambodia, and (on right) the Red Rock Church in the outskirts of Sedona, Arizona, US. There are still 5 days to go before the challenge closes, so let’s see what happens ….

Simply Orange Swaps

Update: I made another swap: I removed the Cambodian dirt track photograph for the Llama image (also included in another challenge called ‘Start with L’. It seemed like a popular swap as the Llama achieved 153 votes which was a lot more than the other image.

Anyways, I managed an Elite level when the challenge closed. Hurrah for me! ;-)

[May 2018]



Easter Ireland

This Easter, the weather was terrible but we still managed a number of road trips including a morning spent in the local Emergency Dept (but the less said about that the better).

On Good Friday, we took a road trip to Northern Ireland and finally got to see the Dark Hedges. I’m not much of a Game of Thrones fan – in fact, I’ve only seen one episode – but the I know that they’ve filmed in some of the most dramatic locations in the North. The Dark Hedges didn’t disappoint – despite it being a very cold and dull day, they were impressive. Originally, 150 beech trees were planted to make up the avenue and at the current time, around 90 or so are still standing. I suspect the better view is from the other end of the avenue looking down towards Gracehill House and had it been milder, I might have taken a better photograph but a warm car was calling. I’d imagine the place is swarming with tourists in the summer but the #DarkHedges are well worth a visit anytime.

CT Dark Hedges

On Easter Sunday, we drove to Glendalough, Co Wicklow. It’s a real tourist trap – the place was fairly busy even in the rain and sleet. It’s a beautiful location and even though we didn’t see it at its best, we had some wonderful company – at least four deer. #UnderABrokenTree #WildDeer

CT Deer in Wicklow

For further information about wild deer and other wildlife in Ireland, please visit Ireland’s Wildlife.

After a drive through the snowy, desolate but beautiful Sally Gap, a warm lunch at the slightly corny but fun Johnny Fox’s pub was welcome.


[April 2018]