My Favourite Shots

So, it’s pretty evident that the kind of shots that are my favourite photographs are quite different to other peoples. But, that’s what makes the world go around ….

I submitted the following images to the “My Favourite Shots” GuruShots Challenge:

  • River Boyne Estuary at Dusk
  • Beach Pool at Gormanston Beach, Meath
  • Gormanston Beach at Dusk
  • Summer Field at Colp

These photographs were taken in the last week or so and I’ve been practicing my long exposure work hence the dusky pinks and purples.

Gormanston is a tiny village in County Meath, Ireland just on the northern border of County Dublin (which is marked by the River Delvin). There are a number of access points onto the beach including along the northern edge of the River Delvin which runs beneath the Dublin-Belfast railway bridge. The further north you travel up the bridge, the less busy it gets. There is an army barracks at Mosney (between Gormanston and Laytown) with a target range: when the soldiers are undertaken target practice, the beach is closed. Although the gun shots should raise awareness of the ongoing practice, red flags are placed at the entrance points to the beach along with a soldier at most of the points to ensure that any off target shots don’t do any damage to the local population. I’m not sure if there is a timetable as to when the beach is closed – I wish I could find it if there is one as I’ve travelled over a few times only to find myself being stopped by a guy in camouflage gear holding a very large gun.

Anyways, back to the challenge … I was quite disappointed that the Summer Field at Colp has zero votes after 24 hours. I love this image but obviously see it through different eyes than everyone else who saw it. To me, this is a typical view of where I now live in Ireland but also reminds me of where I lived as a young’un back in North Wales. I don’t think the composition is terrible – hardly the most exciting image in the world but certainly not the worst. I can see that the sky has blown out a little – I suspect this image would look a lot better if I’d down a little PhotoShop magic on it. Unfortunately, my current laptop is close to retiring and so the images I post currently only have filters applied via Instragram! :-) Once I get a new computer and install PhotoShop, I think I’ll have a go at editing this image to see if I can improve it. If I do, I’ll blog it here for my reference if nothing else.

Anyways, back to the challenge … I swapped the field image for the Dark Hedges image. I do like this image but the Dark Hedges do look a little light …. I think I’ll have to go back later in the year when the days are shorter to have another go. Anyways, at least this image did get some votes … but not actually that many …. I decided to make another swap and uploaded a photo of Roche Castle which is near Dundalk, County Louth. Built in the 1230s, this Norman castle was built on a rocky outcrop and looks pretty spectacular from a distance. There’s not a massive amount left – it’s an old ruin – but it’s well worth a visit because the drive over there is fab. For more information on this castle, please check out this link .

Roche Castle

There are still 12 days left on this challenge so it remains to be seen how many more votes my images in this challenges get. I may make a swap depending if I can get an decent shots at the weekend (didn’t really get anything sadly this weekend worth trying a swap for). Anyways, as ever, updates will follow.

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GuruShots Photo of the Month | May 2018

Each month you can enter your best performing image in recent challenges into the Photo of the Month competition. The image got that the most votes in one challenge this month was that of the Dark Hedges. I’m not going to repost the image – click on the right-hand panel to find the relevant link.

From here on, I’m going to make a note of my Photo of the Month entries. I’ve added a side bar entry so that all applicable posts can be quickly accessed.

Only four days are left so I don’t expect I’ll reach the dizzy heights of the higher rankings but I’ll continue to gain #GuruShots points which can’t help either.

Update: Well, I did much better than I had anticipated, finishing up with an Elite level finish. I’ve three Elite finishes to go before I move up into the Veteran ranking which is cool. :-)

[May 2018]

Trees | Dark Hedges

For the ‘Trees’ GuruShots Speed Challenge, I uploaded a photo I took over Easter 2018 of the Dark Hedges. With 801, this photograph has achieved the most votes for a single challenge to date so I’m delighted with the result. I ended up in the Elite category – ranked # 99 – which is fab because I “only” need another 6 elite finished to move into the achieve Veteran status. Hilarious but also cool – here’s the image.

Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, Co Antrim

#GuruShots #SpeedChallenge #DarkHedges #GameOfThrones

Update: Elite ranking :-)

[May 2018]


Easter Ireland

This Easter, the weather was terrible but we still managed a number of road trips including a morning spent in the local Emergency Dept (but the less said about that the better).

On Good Friday, we took a road trip to Northern Ireland and finally got to see the Dark Hedges. I’m not much of a Game of Thrones fan – in fact, I’ve only seen one episode – but the I know that they’ve filmed in some of the most dramatic locations in the North. The Dark Hedges didn’t disappoint – despite it being a very cold and dull day, they were impressive. Originally, 150 beech trees were planted to make up the avenue and at the current time, around 90 or so are still standing. I suspect the better view is from the other end of the avenue looking down towards Gracehill House and had it been milder, I might have taken a better photograph but a warm car was calling. I’d imagine the place is swarming with tourists in the summer but the #DarkHedges are well worth a visit anytime.

CT Dark Hedges

On Easter Sunday, we drove to Glendalough, Co Wicklow. It’s a real tourist trap – the place was fairly busy even in the rain and sleet. It’s a beautiful location and even though we didn’t see it at its best, we had some wonderful company – at least four deer. #UnderABrokenTree #WildDeer

CT Deer in Wicklow

For further information about wild deer and other wildlife in Ireland, please visit Ireland’s Wildlife.

After a drive through the snowy, desolate but beautiful Sally Gap, a warm lunch at the slightly corny but fun Johnny Fox’s pub was welcome.


[April 2018]