It’s been a beautiful day in Leinster today so I took the opportunity to drive up the coast road in County Louth. I wanted to try and capture some photographs for the ‘Abandoned’ GuruShots challenge. The brief simply states “abandoned places or things” and voting starts shortly. I have enough decent shots for some swaps – incidentally, I’m not buying swaps but have won one from the ‘Rocking the Boat’ challenge. I will use it wisely. Or maybe I won’t – we will see! :-)

The first photograph I’ve submitted is a shot of an abandoned cottage which is literally 10 meters from the cliff edge (of all 2 meters) which drops onto the beach. It looks like an old building but it’s not actually in terrible condition – once that roof goes though, the sea winds and Irish weather will quietly go to work on it. I’ve entitled the image “Oh I Did Like to Be Besides the Seaside” and now cannot get the tune out of my head. Check out that blue sky!

Farmhouse By Sea

The second photograph is of a tower of some sorts. I’ve no idea of the history of this building but presumably it was abandoned when the more recent beach buildings (public toilets and a life guard shed) were constructed. I’ve entitled this image “Tower at Togher, Co Louth” and the coloration of the bricks is wonderful.

Louth Beach Tower

The third photograph is of an abandoned house off Marsh Road, Drogheda. The street runs down to the River Boyne and with the right conditions combined high tide, the river can rise significantly – hence the sign. The street is a long block of stone terraces the vast majority have been abandoned, some with sandbags stacked against the door, windows smashed or boarded up and damp creeping up the walls.

Off Marsh St 1

The final photograph uploaded was taken at the end of street above. I walked towards the river onto wasteland which offers possibly the best view in town of the Boyne Viaduct on which the Dublin/Belfast train runs. I guess there is little incentive to develop or even tend to the ground given the floods.

Railway Bridge

I’ll update this post with swap info and the end result.

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Update: I’ve removed the image of the abandoned house as it wasn’t performing very well. I had a free swap (am not intending to buy swaps on this platform) and replaced it with the following:

Abandoned Car at the Petrified Forest Nortern Arizona

This is a photograph taken of an exhibit to commemorating US Route 66 that ran through the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona until it was decommissioned in 1985.

If you’ve never been here, it’s so worth a visit – it’s desolate and breath-taking. Take a look at the US National Park Service site for more information on the park.

#Arizona #PetrifiedForest #Route66

Update: the challenge has ended and I achieved an Elite status finish and actually got another Top 30% award – Top 30% of Photos. the votes were as follows:

  • 449 for the Route 66 image
  • 60 for the cottage by the sea image
  • 60 for the tower at Togher image
  • 39 for the Boyne Viaduct image

So, there was one clear winner in my photographs! I was messaged by another #GuruShots photographer who had entered the same subject and who pointed out that there was another image of the same subject by a third photographer.

I do believe I could have achieved better scored for the other images had the day I shot the photographs been a bit gloomier and less spring-like. Still, I enjoyed the afternoon and that’s what counts the most to me.

In terms of the levels, this close of this challenge resulted in me moving up from Challenger to Advanced – I’ve a fairways to to reach the next level however ….

[April 2018]