Soothing Places

I’ve joined another #GuruShots challenge a little late but what the heck – I’ll see how these photographs get on vote wise. It’s always interesting to which images receive more clicks – the ones I expect to do reasonably well sometimes aren’t so well received. Anyways, these are the images I’ve submitted:

  • Top Left = Kaibo, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Bottom Left = Laytown Beach, Co Meath, Ireland
  • Middle = Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Right = Baltray at Dusk, Co Louth, Ireland

Lots of blues in these images – blue is soothing a soothing colour, right? Bingo.

There are 8 days left for this challenge. Let’s see how things go for these photographs – as ever, update will follow.

Update: Elite finish – whoo hoo

[May 2018]

Color in Nature

A speed challenge! :-) #GuruShots #SpeedChallenge

Voting hasn’t started yet but I’ve submitted a photograph I took in early January 2018 at Laytown Beach, Co Meath, Ireland.

Laytown 1

It’s one of my first attempts at long (ish) exposure and has resulted (through luck rather than skill) in some beautiful pastel shades. It’s not a particularly clear image as my half decent tripod which although very willing, couldn’t really hold it’s own against the wind and it was sooooooooooo cold. Tip: buy decent gloves and a shutter release control you can use with hands in pockets!

Update: Challenge over and I got 227 votes which is pretty incredible. I achieved the Skilled level so happy with that.

[May 2018]