Musical Instruments

Another challenge and this time, as I’ve a few guitars knocking about, I’ve been able to upload 4 images from the start.

The guitars are (from top left):

  • Goldfinch 12 string Painted Lady Rhythm Master 2017 white/pink – Headstock
  • Same Goldfinch – Close up of Body (at current time, the only one in Ireland and one of only three anywhere)
  • Fender Telecaster Thinline ’69 model MIM – Close up of Body detailing F-Hole (looking a little bit like the Lock Ness Monster)
  • Wesley -pre 2005 Electro-Acoustic – Back

Musical Instruments.PNG

The Goldfinch Guitar Co is a small Philadelphia-based boutique company whose aim is to produce quality instruments at affordable prices. #GoldfinchGuitars

The Fender Telecaster Thinline is a ’69 MIM model which I bought from the Music Zoo in New York around 2005/6. Great and super light electric guitar which is aging beautifully – it’s always been my go-to guitar and probably always will be.

The Wesley Electro-Acoustic was an online purchase back in the late 1990s. I bought it because it looked beautiful – the wood grain on the back is incredible for a cheap guitar. It plays and sounds as good at it looks. Best value for money guitar I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing – it’s a real shame John Wesley doesn’t make guitars any more – I’ve never played one of his electrics but can thoroughly recommend the electro-acoustics.

I’ll try the ‘swap’ functionality of the challenge to see how this helps with ranking. The challenge closes in 12 days from now. I’ll update this post with any photographs I swap and with the result when the challenge closes. #GuruShots

Update: The Fender image achieved only 62 votes (albeit it was online for 24 hours) so I decided to tray a swap with the image below left of a Duesenberg Double Cat  Semi-Hollow Body. BTW this is a great guitar with a P90 pickup at the neck and a Humbucker at the bridge. #DuesenbergDoubleCat.

Further, I made a couple of additional swaps after reaching the grand total of 891 votes – only a tantalizing handful of votes away from the next level (Premier).  Both the side view of the Goldfinch and the back view of the Wesley achieved 93 votes – they seemed to have stalled a little in terms of picking up new votes. So, it was time to introduce a couple of new images into the mix to try and push to the next level.

Below top right is a close up of my 2017 Fender Dimension Bass (lovely bass that plays like a Jazz Bass but sounds like a Stingray) and bottom right is the right view of the Wesley. Took an immediate hit and dropped to a total of 705 votes but hopefully that’ll creep up slowly. The swaps may prove to be a mistake but I guess we’ll find out in a few days time. :-)

Musical Instruments 2

Update: The challenge is over and I’ve reached the All Star level with 1848 votes in total. I’m super happy about this ranking although need to bear in mind that 2743 people also reached this level. But still, happy!

Also, I’ve achieved my first (and hopefully not last) top 30% finish which a ‘Top 30% Photographers’ finish which I’m very very please with.

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