Silhouettes and Shadows

I’ve actually uploaded four images for this challenge before the voting has started! There are a massive 18 days before the challenge ends.

I’m not a massive fan of silhouette images in the main but have taken a few that I’m happy with. Shadows I think make for a more interesting topic but I’ve no images that I’m happy to upload for the challenge. The images are from left to right:

  • Mornington at Dusk
  • Mornington Beacon
  • Sunrise on my Commute
  • Sunrise in April 2018

Silhouette and Shadows

As this is a speed challenge, I probably won’t have time to work on new images for potential swaps but we’ll see how these get on. As ever, updates as I go along.

As a by the way – and straight from Wikipedia – the word silhouette is actually derived from the name of a French Finance Minister, Étienne de Silhouette, who imposed severe economic demands and try to find, as modern politicians would describe it, finding best value for money. As a response, his portraits were also created cheaply in the form of silhouettes.

[May 2018]

Starts with L

There’s always a lot of scope for images with the ‘starts with’ challenges. If only had I better images of lighthouses in the bag. Nevermind, this is what I uploaded:

On the left is an image of a lighthouse in the Kornati National Park, Croatia. I was on a boat at the time and couldn’t get any closer to the rocks – it was very breezy. On the right is the image I took of the Point Cabrillo lighthouse in Mendocino Co, Califorina. I opted to put the image into mono as the light was so poor due to a really overcast damp day. Terrible weather on both trips then but great days!

BTW I know the perspective on the Californian lighthouse is a little iffy. The camera I was using had a very limited zoom so had to tilt the lens up to get the framing I after. I actually think it adds a little bit of interest – it wasn’t supposed to be an architectural image after all.

The next two images for this challenge are of animals:


On the left is one of hundreds of Llama shots I took on a trip to Peru & Bolivia. I think this was my favourite llama as we had a very similiar hair-do. Mine’s a little whiter these days however. On the right is an image of a leopard prowling about – didn’t seem to be in a particularly good mood so didn’t hang about too long.

There are a few days left before the challenge ends – currently I’m floating about at the Skilled level – which I’m very happy with. I’m going to try not to be tempted to swap as I’m simply pulling old images which I’m not overly happy with (just meeting the challenge criteria). Need to get out at the weekend and start snapping again!

#GuruShots #Kornati #Croatia #PointCabrillo #Mendocino #Llama #Leopard

Update: The challenge ended and I achieved a Premier ranking which is great. I’m actually hoping to push towards the Veteran status and need more Elite rankings but given that these photos are oldies, I’m still very happy with the result.

[May 2018]

B&W Architecture

Another day, another #GuruShots challenge!

There are 14 days left from the time of this post until the challenge has ended. IMHO, images of buildings are often shown at their best as B&W, and as usual, some of the images submitted to this challenge by other users are incredible. There’s a wide range of subjects – from the brutalist style through to abandoned farm buildings – well worth a browse.

The photographs that I have submitted as as follows (from left to right):

  • The Maiden’s Finger, Co Meath
  • Calle de la Princesa 3, Madrid
  • Catedral de Santa Maria le Real de la Alumdena, Madrid
  • Plaza del Callao, Madrid

B&W Architecture

They were all taken with an iPhone 6.

I’ve more images I could submit (unlike other challenges) – I need to go through some of the images taken on a very recent trip to Edinburgh this weekend – and will check to see if there are any decent swaps should I need.

As ever, any updates will be included at a later date.

#VivaEspaña #Madrid #B&WPhotography

Update: The photograph of the Maiden’s Finger is not doing quite as well as the other images, so, as I’ve a free swap from another challenge (Pathways & Roads), I’ve decided to swap it out with an image I took of Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, in Mendocino County, California in 2007 (wow – over a decade ago!). The perspective ideally should be fixed but I actually like the fact that the slant upwards creating a point inwards drawing the eye upwards to the top of the tower. There’s a kinda spookiness to the structure – it’s eerie and quite bleak in B&W but the building certainly has more of a presence than in the original colour version. BTW the photograph was taken on a FujuFilm FinePix 480 digital camera which I still have but no longer use.

I think this image should probably get a few more votes that the Maiden’s Finger (which achieved 19), and given there are still 9 days left before this challenge closes, it’ll be interesting to see if this swap is successful.

Point Cabrillo, Mendocino Co, CA

Point Cabrillo, Mendocino, CA

#California #Mendocino  #PointCabrillo #Lighthouse

Update: There is another week to go before the challenge ends but I’ll have no further free swaps before then. I swapped out the image of the Cathedral in Madrid for a snap I took of a church in Sidari, Corfu, Greece – not that you can see it too well under the text. If you’ve never been to Corfu, I’d strongly recommend it – I didn’t stay in Sidari (bit too lively for my liking tbh) but its a wonderful island for a relax holiday. #Corfu


Update: With a little under 48 hours to go, I’ve made another swap – full details when challenge ends but hoping that the vote will help push me up the rankings further.

Update: The Challenge has just finished and I’ve made the All Star level – which I’m both amazed and chuffed to bits about. I got a total of 1144 which broke down as follows:

B&W Final

The last swap I made was an image I took a year or so ago of a cinema in Collins Yard, North London. As it gained more votes than the image I swapped it out for, I got another swap which I’m going to put to good use in the ‘Simply Orange’ challenge.

[April 2018]