Wonderlust 2018

Although I couldn’t describe myself as a globetrotter, I’ve been lucky enough to have to already crossed off a number of items from my bucket list. Unfortunately, I either forgot to take a camera (d’oh) or the images ‘snap shots’ and not particularly good enough for entry to this GuruShots challenge.  Mind you, I have to travel on business to Chicago one February and forgot to pack a warm coat (double d’oh).

I’ve dug out some old iPhone images of  trips including a trip to Skellig Micheal, Co Kerry, Ireland and an island off the coast of Zadar, Croatia. The image below is that of Conway, North Wales which I’ve also included. It’s not particularly exotic but a wonderful place to visit. This is a view of the harbour which is located directly in front of the magnificent castle. To view the other images submitted in this challenge, you can view my GuruShots profile page.


Conway, North Wales

Two shots I would have liked to have included but for poor image resolution I was unable to submit are:

  • Lama on the Aliplano, Bolivia
  • View from Rum Point, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Neither image is particularly ‘landscapey’ but I really enjoyed the days I took both images.

Alta Plano Peru

Altiplano, Bolivia

The above image was taken in northern Bolivia just south of the Peruvian boarder back in December 2016. It shows the farmer’s home and one of her herd – a wonderfully woolly red bad boy. She had also recently helped to deliver a pure white blue eyed ‘cria’ (baby lama) which has to be one of the cutest beings I’ve ever seen. I was so taken with it, I forgot to take a picture but trust me, he was beautiful. The Altiplano is a stark and imposing part of the world and life there must be tough.

In contrast, Rum Point is probably the most stunning of Grand Cayman’s glorious beaches. Scattered around the beach are hammocks, bars and luxury hotels where people get some rest and relaxation in the Caribbean sun. The water is warm and clear – a little further into the North Sound and you’d bump up against turtles, stingrays and possibly a tiger shark. It’s breathtaking and the colours are stunning but it’s most definitely missing a lama or two.

Rum Point Grand Cayman

Rum Point, Grand Cayman

As usual, I’ll update this post when the ‘Wonderlust 2018’ Challenge has come to a close.

Update: It’s 12 April 2018, and the challenge has just ended. I achieved a Premier level, which  I’m very very please about, collecting 563 votes and 600 GuruShots points.

This is how the voting broke down and the images are (left to right):

  • Skellig Michael, Co Kerry
  • Croatia – if I remember correctly it’s an image taken somewhere around Telašcia Nature Park
  • Mornington, Co Meath
  • Rowing Boats on the Banks of the Boyne, Co Meath

Wonderlust 2018

I’m very happy with the result – onto the next challenge!

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[April 2018]

London Town

Another new GuruShots challenge to have a go at! This one is called ‘London Town’ and I’ve decided to enter the image entered into the ‘Captivating Clouds’ challenge (of the view from the South Bank – it’s posted on the relevant blog entry but you can click on the GuruShots and London links on the side bar to view).

I’ll be interesting to see if it achieves more than the 225 votes it got last time around (that said, 225 votes more than I expected).

At the current time, there are still 18 days left before the challenge ends so I’ll try and dig out some more decent images so I’ve more than just a single image in the competition (think this helps to push up the ranking).

I’ll update the post if/when I do add more decent photographs and of course when the challenge closes. #GuruShots

Update: I achieved a ranking of ‘Skilled’ for my ‘London Town’ challenge which I’m very please about.

Additionally, I entered the photo of Mornington in Sunset (first submitted in the ‘Lens Flares & Sunspots’ challenge – click on the link GuruShot or Mornington on the side bar to view) to the GuruShots March 2018 Photo of the Month Challenge and got a ranking of ‘Premier’ which I’m really stoked about. For a photo that I took a few years back on a summer evening whilst out walking the dogs, I’m very pleased that it did as well as it did.

So, my #GuruShots results to date are as below:

5 April 2018

I’m really enjoying this app and can thoroughly recommend it for anyone who enjoys photography – especially those who may need additional motivation to get outside and start shooting! Well, as long as the weather is half decent of course. :-)

[March 2018 & Updated April 2018]

Captivating Clouds

Wow – some of the images on the GuruShots challenges are phenomenal. I could spend hours browsing the site and looking at the photographs. It’s a great site to view and analyse images you like and take inspiration and composition notes for your own images going forward.

I am nowhere near the level of these professionals and/or very skilled amateurs yet – of course! ;-)  – and need to build a bank of images that I can use for various challenges (as well as for my website (not great at present but testing at the mo).

Anyways, I noticed another GuruShots challenge entitled ‘Captivating Clouds’ and had an image I took back in 2014 of a view from the South Bank in London, United Kingdom (shown below) which I thought might be a decent submission. Again, I’ve only one image to submit – you can submit up to four per challenge.

When I uploaded the image, there were only 6 hours to go until the challenge ended. I am looking forward to seeing how this image gets on and I’ll update this post with the results later. #GuruShots

London South Bank 2014 April CT

View from the South Bank in London, United Kingdom

Update: of the 313 views , the image was given 225 votes and I achieved a Popular ranking for the photograph. Happy Cath. :-)

[March 2018]