A Dangerous Game

I came across this on the North Wall in Dublin back in May 2017 – I don’t know if this is a real Banksy or a Banks-wannabe but it’s certainly of his style. I can’t find anything online about this work.

Boy Kicking Bomb

It’s not the first time a Bansky-esque painting has appeared in the city. In May 2016, the Irish Examiner reported on another work on Moore Street (click here to read more).

There’s quite a rich collection of street art in Dublin – not a fan of graffiti scribbles but this work is a completely different level. Check out this link to Broadsheet.ie to view for yourself.

[March 2018 – Image taken in Dublin, May 2017]

Radiate Your Essence

As if you don’t already ….

A positive message if ever there was once, this has been been painted onto the wall leading to Maiden Tower in Mornington, County Meath, Ireland.

Sadly, and ironically, it’s starting to fade. #RadiateYourEssence

Radiate Your Essence

Graffiti County Meath, Ireland style!


[October 2017]